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About Us

We are a platform-agnostic solution, built on top of modern tools, providing 3D spatial recording utilities for XR, Research, Gaming, and Mocap projects.
3D Engine Extension

Use one of our 3D Engine Extensions to bootstrap dynamic object recordings in 3D space.

Event Capture

Capture metadata on a Global or Subject level to enrich playback, search-ability, and analytics.

Share with Others

Share your recordings to any device with a browser with our extremely performant custom Web Player.

Our Story

The concept of Recolude was first developed by Eli Davis in 2016 at Mississippi State University while studying for his Master’s degree in Computer Science. During his volunteer work for VR research at The Center for Advanced Vehicular Systems, Eli observed the need for an efficient way to record the participants in the studies. This revelation led to the first iteration of what would become Recolude’s 3D Spatial Recording Service. Over the next several years, the development of the 3D Spatial Recording Service underwent refinement, and in 2019 Recolude was founded. Recolude’s team and program offerings have grown to accommodate a large variety of use cases. Today, Recolude’s 3D Spatial Recording Service has over 100 sales and numerous 5-star reviews.

Aiden Schrock

Software Developer & Designer

Meet the Team

Elijah Davis


Nathan Frank


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